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  3. just as happy as i am sad that he didnt bet his 3rd nut flush when checked
    to him on river

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  5. i would like poker after dark if they played 8 or 9 handed. idk i just like
    8/9 handed poker. maybe because that is what i would play if i went to a

  6. Surely battling with another conscious mind and trying to outsmart it is
    what it’s all about …..oh and adding a couple of little conscious minds
    to the world before you complete your mortal coil.

  7. Oppenheim didnt put out the correct amount for BB so Elezra helped him out,
    happens all the time.

  8. When Oppy says “well boys I think thats the end of me” the look on Dwan’s
    face is like are you f*#king serious

  9. They think the viewers want to see a lot of chips and cash. There are way
    too many $100 chips and bills on the table for my liking!

  10. 05:25 The manner in which Eli bets $4,5K on the flop here stinks of a
    bluff. It’s like he doesn’t believe it will work but he still makes the bet.

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