1. She reminds me of Vanessa Rousso. Except she’s better looking, wears less
    makeup, has a more interesting personality and can play poker.

  2. I wonder how many poker greats Maria Ho has banged. I bet she’s gone
    through at least the top 10 by now. 😀

  3. Any low down on why Dan Neggie was not in this tournament? Did NBC negged
    his Cannook ass or did he turn down the invitation? Too bad he could not
    get the last laugh which belonged to his favorite whipping boy, the Mikey
    who won the whole shebang.

  4. Now, we know Phil Galfond’s secret to win big pots. Poker is easy when you
    know how to hit your outs. That’s the secret!

  5. How is it that these millionaires, playing on national TV, can’t get a
    lousy bottle of water?

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