1. Class act by Phil in the end there in the presentation. 2 old school
    legends, fun matches to watch and congrats Mike.

  2. Honey that’s why I’m thr best. I’m a tough opponent. Haaahahahahahaah. What
    an idiot.

  3. This genuinely feels like very passionate poker, thanks for the upload,
    very fun watching both of them!

  4. no, the bad sync was there with the original video that I received, I don’t
    know how to fix it, sorry.

  5. Matusow has admitted to losing it all in the past. His life is just
    probably always been an uphill climb, any win is huge from his point of
    view. Nice win Mike

  6. Yeah because he gets people to call against the odds with worse hands a LOT
    of the time, no wonder he won 13 bracelets but then again he isn’t skilled
    enough for cash games against the pro’s.

  7. Lool phil staked him for a quarter of a million and mike is still pissed
    off… really.. fuck him ungratefull piece of shit

  8. mike’s a selfish tool who expects people to help him when he never helps
    them or himself. he actually acknowledged phil has done more to help him
    than he has reciprocated and he just replied “I don’t gotta do nothing for

  9. Curse you Boobies, it’s almost 5 am here and i need to sleep ^^. More
    seriously, am i the only one experiencing lip sync issues?

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