1. Um I believe howard was taking money directly from the players accounts on
    FTP and when the time came that all the players wanted their money back FT
    didnt have the money to pay them back. Thats why PS was able to pay their
    players back. They didnt have executives stealing the players money.

  2. Things dont grow–that dont have growabilityness to them. Phil Laak can
    come up with a word and it wouldnt surprise me if that word shows up in the

  3. WTF film with scammers? ferguson and lederer are kidding me. Who whants to
    watch film with this thiefs ? Whata idiots made this film? GG ROTFL

  4. If that’s what you really think you were doing it only goes to show how
    truly deluded you are about your own motives.I don’t in all honesty think
    you have any real idea about your own motives other than that when you
    think you make a what seems to you like a witty remark it makes you feel
    important and a team player,infact your contribution to this debate is
    worthless.spent and benign.

  5. You need to go to espn.com and click on the poker page. Download the
    podcast or listen to the interview Andrew Feldman had with Chris Moneymaker
    and the director of the documentary. They had the film done and ready to
    release before black Friday, meaning they interviewed Howard and Chris
    Ferguson. Then they released this nearly a year later adding how black
    Friday affected everyone and how these two men shafted everyone. Very good
    interview. It will give a different aspect to his documentary.

  6. This documentary was pretty bad, If you have no knowledge about the game
    and you want a quick run down, this is the movie for you, they really don’t
    get detailed at all, I am surprised they had howard and chris ferguson, I
    don’t care about the pros to be honest, the real pros are at the casinos
    and underground poker rooms grinding, not these fakes, actors, shills,
    etc…I do give much respect to some pros like brunson, ivey, the mad
    genius and some others, I should make a doc on poker

  7. Let’s just all be glad they didn’t put in that uberfish on a uberheater
    Jamie Gold in it 😀

  8. they’re all acting like pokers the greatest thing in the world lol
    “absolutely linked to the american psyche,” wtf is that

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