1. Reality is the majority of people lose their money when they play poker.
    Most people feel guilty after leaving the poker room, feel feelings of
    disgust that they lost their money AGAIN and swear it off forever. Then
    find themself back at the casino the next day.

  2. I am going to proudly admit, I am jealous of all these players and pros.
    Especially the ones playing in the WSOP. It’s my dream to play in it, yet,
    I never have the money because I pay my bills first. Also, I’m a losing
    online poker player , and it sucks lol. I read books, follow strategies,
    and other strategies I can think of, including, donk plays, etc. No cash
    wins. Tournaments, SNGS, I always get busted out. I have taken time away,
    to read books and take breaks, come back same results. I a persistent, have
    passion for the game and I love it! Any thoughts? . if anybody out there
    will be so kind to give me some tips, positive. SleepyLion814 at G Mail.
    I have tried to quit online poker, thinking it’s not for me. Again, Love it!

  3. This is just a commercial for poker. Purely one sided glorification of
    poker. Compared to “life, love, the super bowl, kings, queens, and even,
    Why don’t you show the people who are in Gamblers Anonymous for the rest of
    their life because poker destroyed their life, destroyed their families and
    almost forced them into suicide? Where’s that story? Read the book “High
    Stakes. The Rising Cost of America’s Gambling Addiction” for an honest
    depiction of the poker industry and the effects it has on people, families
    and communities.

  4. howard lederer an his sister are the worst type of people everything they
    say just sounds so fake

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  7. 34:48 “The heroes of poker don’t cheat” – Howard Lederer. Fucking hypocrite
    piece of shit!

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