1. sometimes i’m just so YOLO i definitely would have folded too just so that
    i can tell my friends: you know what? i once folded a straight flush, it
    was so awesome 😀

  2. well I can tell you that Antonio knows that Dan the man loves to play
    suited connectors… like 67, 89 or just off suit soooo.. i can see why he
    laid it down.. ehh its poker baby.

  3. But if one player has the 6 of spades, then obviously the other player cant
    have it, so effectively it is the ‘nuts,’ as you can’t make a higher
    straight without the 6 of spades in this case. But yes, technically 6-7 of
    spades would be the absolute nuts.

  4. He admitted it on his full contact poker site in a Q&A, as a result it was
    a good laydown from Esfandiari. Good enough for you sir??

  5. somebody answer please is esfandiari did mistake for fold hand? because pot
    where be chap chap/ thanks for response

  6. i dont believe it, link me the interview. Even then he could easily lie
    just to give himself more credit

  7. That`s why Antonio Esfandiari won 18 milion $ and you`ll never win 1-2
    percent of that amount ! 🙂

  8. I couldn’t find that now, I have no idea where to find it. You’ll just hav
    to take my word for it i’m afraid

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