1. damn that must be so tilting to have this done to you by a nerd ass clown
    that looks like a 14 year old

  2. Entertaining which means in his case ridiculous,whining,bitchy and awfully
    disrespectful by speaking in a language not understood by all the players
    at the table,let alone his main adversary for the hand.Suck it up and go on
    Russky!BTW always great Negreanu!

  3. damn jerk basicaly he was saying that i was playing cards before you were
    born so dont need to trap me,wasting my time some bullshit like that it
    was his own fault to let 10 8 to see the flop wasnt it? who cares whos
    dick you suck before but you have sucked and gave a pleasure to this boy
    this time damn fucking agitated bitch

  4. he seems a bit agitated and impatient. The snap call, although okay, youre
    only beating a pure bluff. Thinking wouldve been a good idea. He seemed
    frustrated, but he’s freaking hilarious so who cares?

  5. сам виноват еще возмущается ))) КК плохо разыграл

  6. He said he forgot to turn off his iron at home and prolly at the moment his
    house is burning.

  7. He sounded like an old grandmother, who recalls his youth. He said the
    opponent caught a flush, and all subsequent street stared at him, and then
    as if reassuring himself said that this was the right decision

  8. Дайте ссылку на полное видео этого турнира. Тому кто скинет спасибо!=)

  9. это лучшее что я видел) Больше такого)

  10. таращ таращ чисты коль)))Даниель приколист,а Артем все по делу сказал 

  11. с какого это ЕРТ ? кто в курсе, напишите плиз !!!

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