1. how come we dont see a flop, turn and river? did the nines hold up or did
    the other guy hit the ace? this seems like if its all-in preflop.

  2. This is NOT Texas holdem. It is a game called GUTS. Two cards only with a
    ghost hand. Everybody had folded except Bill. He satyed in with his A and
    6. Unfortunately the “ghost” hand had a pair o 9’s. Bill looses!

  3. I love this game. I’ve seen it all, but never with a pot that big. I saw 2
    guys hold with picket Jacks in a $16 pot to make it $48. Last week a guy
    held AK on the last hand of the deck and ran into ghost bullets with $12 in
    there to make it $24. It’s not much, but we’re all college kids so it feels
    like more. You shoulda seen the camera phones come out to snap pictures of
    those cards lying dead on the table. Keep it up!

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  5. Bill had an A and 6…everybody else in the hand had folded. The “ghost”
    hand, which is a hand that always plays no matter what, was the only hand
    Bill had to beat with his A and 6. Well, as you see the “ghost” hand was a
    pair of 9’s and Bill lost about $100.

  6. thats really not that shocking,, i mean the guy had an A6 lmao that gives
    the “ghost” hand a possible 25 hands out of 140 that can beat A6,, so the
    reaction was a little blown up ,,,i could see you guys reacting like that
    if the guy had KK and you fliped over AA,, but it was not that big of a
    deal at all,,

  7. gonna assume the guy with the nines stayed in blind for the huge pot. the
    guy held with his A6, flipped up first and met his dimise. I’ve seen much

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