California racing might reap US$ 60 million if Internet poker becomes legal

The California state horse racing might attract US$ 60 million yearly through lawmaking that would allow Internet poker as well as compensate racing for the loss of scoop online gambling.

At present, horse racing is the only type of legal online gaming in the state that would alter with the development of legitimated Internet poker. The US$ 60 million would be broken initially between horsemen and racetracks, in the form of purses.

An update on the statute law was part of an hour-long demonstration of racing effects acquitted at Los Alamitos later on Saturday by Nick Coukos, the Thoroughbred Owners of California president. Other things talked before a little bunch trainers and owners included off-track stabling, the distro of profit from account betting, the development of little-satellites in Southern California, and purse profit from Santa Anita.

The Internet poker legislation would let Internet poker permissions to be handed in the state, and orders that raceways must get recompense of approximately US$ 60 million each year from license bearers.

On Wednesday, the bill was planned to be heard by the Assembly Government Organization committee in Sacramento on Wednesday. Any potential vote by the assembly or senate is not likely to take place for many months. The bill must need the sign of Gov. Jerry Brown. Coukos was a co-signor of a 3-page letter shipped to Adam Gray, the California assemblyman, on 21st April, emphasizing that California racing pastimes wanted at least US$ 60 million in annual profits to be parted primarily between horsemen as well as tracks offering live racing.