1. GLaDOS – The player has busted out and must live of the table before
    everyone starts laughing. XD

  2. what about the line when he busts out, he starts cursing when he gets a
    phone call, that’s hilarious, but 4:50 made me lol!

  3. Claptrap: “Oh, that. That’s my aftershave. Nothing drives the lady robots
    crazy like a few dabs of burning hydrocarbons behind the audio sensors. Aw
    GLaDOS: “It’s true. It’s driving me insane. Just like Lizzie Borden.”
    2:20 LOL

  4. Of COURSE you won with THOSE cards, even Steve can’t win with those cards,
    all he can say is heyo! Steve: Heyo! Claptrap: SHUT THE F**K UP STEVE!

  5. Claptrap…and GIR…In the same room?Sir that would not be hilarious that
    would be the end of sanity as we know it.

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