1. Why does the dealer take so fucking long? Get on with it stop with the
    fucking drama

  2. Poker After Dark usually involves 6 players, each with a $20,000 buyin &
    chip stack; winner take all. . .

  3. they’re not playing their own money… They’re playing the money they’re
    sponsored poker sites give them to play.

  4. What the fuck? Is that $100k real money? Or are they calling the chips more
    than they’re worth? Did they just bet $100k before having seen their hand
    in some weird form of gentlemans agreement? They’re all stupid!

  5. What the f.u…..
    100.000 dollars bet in the dark

  6. These guys have way to much money. I wonder what the partners thought that
    bought a piece of their action?

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  8. If this is the first time you’ve watched this video, you’re going to get
    impatient to see the flop

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  10. It’s a cash game with some of the most successful poker players in the
    world. Yeah, they just each bet $100,000 in the dark.

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