1. rahme phucked up by talking too much should of played them kings quietly
    but rahme kept saying your decision your decision play your hand thats when
    he fucked up

  2. @nzwrnbf yeah poker is my second income, playing with real money actually
    makes you play properly. this poker site will give you a real 8 dollars to
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  3. @chrisgerry84 I have played poker, but I’ve never played in a wsop main
    event final table. Perhaps the pressure changes the game.

  4. Rahme played the kings wrong. If he didn’t want to lay them down he should
    have moved all in preflop. Since he didn’t he should have been able to fold
    once the ace hit. Maybe he got too greedy trying to slow play the kings.

  5. when he got raised he should’ve went all in pre… thats why u dont fack
    around with KK

  6. There used to be a time that if you ran around a table, jumping and
    screaming, after winning a hand, you’d get get thrown out of the joint.

  7. @frizzzzzzal No , its not dollars, those are chips. but the 1 place wins
    some millions, dunno how much, not more than 10

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