Dan Harrington Poker Player-Bankruptcy player and Poker professional

There are number of games present in this world, whereby every individual does play the game to gain enthusiasm and interest. Many games are playable in this world, whereby certain games are really giving the pleasure to those who play so. When you play a game, it can yield the pleasure to you naturally. Playing the professional games are numerous, whereby Poker game is much familiar throughout the world. Poker game is much professionally played; among such players Dan Harrington is much professional in playing the game. Dan Harrington was born on December 6th 1945. Dan Harrington is the member of Poker Hall of Fame.

Cousin to golfer:

Dan Harrington’s nickname is Action Dan, whereby he turns the distant cousin to professional golfer Padraig Harrington and also to NFL Joey Harrington. This nickname is given to him by himself, where Dan Harrington is really a tough and the tight player so. Harrington’s birthplace was Massachusetts. By the year 1971, Dan Harrington turned winning the Massachusetts state Chess Championship. Apart he is also backgammon player by being a champion, and he is also U.S. Chess Master. Before entering into the field of Poker, Dan worked as the bankruptcy lawyer. It’s significant that Dan also played the same game against Bill Gates.

He did work also in real estate and in stock market too. He also possessed his very own company, Anchor Loans, which provided the loans without any loss, reported. His interest to play Poker is due to gain money, was his answer, while interviewed. Also, he turned out to be a part time player only. He has won two bracelets in the World Series of Poker events. Also, he turned as the author of very three books, based on tournament poker. There is only the presence of 5 people to win the WSOP main event and also a World Poker Tour Title, where Dan Harrington is one among them.