1. the first one wasn’t a good read… he could have said Qs or As… he’s
    just using it as an example… so it’s not a result of a good read… what
    he meant was Mike could have a good hand that’s all

  2. He’s not perfect with his reads, as I find him making dumb calls EVEN
    THOUGH he correctly calls the opponents’ hands. That being said, they are
    not really obvious reads. K-9 for example. The 9, sure, but the King
    specifically? Furthermore, the Sexton hand… why Kings specifically?
    Negreanu wasn’t going 10-10, QQ, JJ, AA. He was SO sure that it was only
    Kings. Nothing on that board would have given you hints, though it was
    OBVIOUS at that point that Sexton had overpairs.

  3. you are a fcking idiot you dont know what you are talking about…who is
    sponsoring you if you are not a good poker player idiot?

  4. Yea, i understood your joke, but here was another guy who said that
    Negreanu is canadian as answer to your comment..I think many people don’t
    know that he’s European ( from Roumania ) cuz’ he speaks English very well
    and lives in Canada.

  5. daniel is romanian and he speaks romanian. he has nothing canadian in him
    not even the aspect you stupid bitch

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