1. allen, you forgot to show 5 cards on the table as the texas game. Because
    that is the porpuse of this deck. Well, its just an observation, you could
    edit the video. Cheers!

  2. btw the edges of the cards are cut slightly sharper for better shuffling.
    has better grip.

  3. Buddy, Thanks for the review but really….you said said ahhh or um 86
    times in less than 5 minutes. I’d try harder to not do that. Regards.

  4. dude there made so that u can see the number in poker more easily when u
    flip the tip up!!! thats y they have the smaller numbers on the tips!!!!

  5. lol the lowest one i heard was a 1 for the tragic Royalty deck watch it ,
    its pretty funny.lol

  6. All you can find in turkey.Nice and smooth for 6 momths or somethin’ you
    cant find nice decks in turkey cayse there is no one beingbreleated to
    these kindbof thinks…

  7. Can you tell me what bycicle cards are teh best for tricks flourish and
    that ……

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