1. Just to give you a taster of Only Fools and Horses here is a clip. Check
    the post below for the complete collection for £34.97 posted.

  2. yer ive seen him make a few comments and fair enough he has the right but
    if he dont like it why does he bother takin the time time to comment on
    only fools videos? weirdo!

  3. I have seen Ofah 100’s of times since I was 13. Still the greatest comedy
    ever written. I love Bottom, The Young Ones, Peep Show, Phoenix Nights,
    Extras, Porridge and other sitcoms, but Ofah is by miles the best. It hurts
    to see them struggling when all along in the garage there lies their

  4. John sullivan was a genius. Ive seen all the ofah episodes 100’s of times
    and i still laugh at it. What made this so good apart from john sullivan
    was the casting.

  5. Was voted THE best sitcom of all time, get it right. As for your sense of
    humor, you must have a face made of stone!. To say its a pile of crap when
    it has some of the funniest scenes and lines ever seen is just madness.

  6. paul why you on this video nway commentin if its shit every1 loves only
    fools classic always will be so do1 ye

  7. Said it before and Ill say it again this is contrived rubbish.How its been
    voted one of the top sitcoms of all time is a joke! Shame there arent any
    in this pile of crap!

  8. I just loved the way John Sullivan wrote, its one of the things i have put
    time into
    wanting to make people laugh is so important in this day and age, I do it
    all old skool (school) by writing on paper though
    t looks like Del Boy has lost the card game with two pair vs. four kings.
    But what cards are the two pairs? Classic BBC comedy from Only Fools and

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  9. If picking up on glaring errors is displaying OCD, then yes, you are
    correct. I’m still surprised that you didn’t spot them. I could name many
    more, but that would somehow detract from the genius that is John Sullivan.
    Apologies to all those JS fans out there.

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