1. Let’s get it out there. I’m totally jealous of my brother at present. He
    has been unattached endlessly. By some fluke, he has got a model to love
    him in weeks. Just how is that manageable? He smiled and told me he used
    the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone wonderful told me that… I
    don’t recall ever seeing him so happy. Kind of makes me feel bad.

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  3. Haha, says the retard who likes call of duty. Go back to play your
    juvenille game on XBOX while phil ivey makes millions a month, scrub.

  4. @XvxGOODMUSICxvX you should really learn poker first (see my first comment
    before this). on top of that, AJ all in would be a strong play because he
    could see himself with a broadway straight and its also easy for an Ace or
    a Jack to be top pair on a board. The possibilities are high that he would
    have had an amazing hand post-flop, how was he supposed to know he was

  5. just read about the hindenburg, apparently was a sabotage and in those
    times was said that is an attack against germany, and it was a big blow to
    the german nation as wtc attack was a blow to the usa. learn some history
    and keep your social science in your room

  6. what the hell is the big deal there. That is like the stupidest thing to
    say about that lol. The hindenburg wasn’t a terrorist attack, it was an
    accident. A better analogy would be something like, if a German commentator
    said, it could be the titanic for the American. Get the fukk off of your
    high horse. Like Germany was known for their sensitivity, lol. Quit being a
    joke Nazi (see what I did there Schultz). Sue me for insensitivity I guess.

  7. Life must be nice to be paid to wear red and look pretty. THey runnnnnnn

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  9. I know I’ll never forget where I was May 6th, 1937… Too soon Mike Sexton,
    for shame sir!

  10. They couldn’t be in the same decade, the Hindenburg had a swastika on it,
    representing Germany’s power then as WTC was representing the USA’s power.
    I explained to you a few times but other than calling me names you are
    unable to come up with anything that resembles an answer. I can call you
    names easily, so you are probably a moron who fucks his mother, am I close?
    Does the truth hurt? I know it does. Now go back to your room!

  11. @Prospectizer When I read that I went “Psssshh keep dreaming fool”, then I
    checked your channel…… I stand corrected.

  12. He actually had a set,so it was more strong than trips,trips meaning two
    cards on board and one in his hand…What a fish

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