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  2. Chorny probably lives in his mom’s basement and I doubt he’s going out
    drinking, more likely a comic book store.

  3. It’s BAM BAM and good bye to you idiot Ilykian! Next time maybe you’ll wait
    a little longer before calling the clock!

  4. Im glad this lady made sure to let us know that on an 84A board with 2
    spades holding the A3 of spades, that it would not be folded. Thank you.
    Also, LOL at saying young kids “aren’t using the chips correctly” ….who
    is this lady again? has she ever won anything? Worst voice ever. Lodden
    thinks: Number of seconds I can hear this lady talk before I shoot myself.

  5. Well done Vicky.. She is sooo right at 32:30 🙂 I am sooo sick of that
    players and I always wish the WORST for them.. Thats SHOWOFF not POKER they
    are doing

  6. Not really, he needs to know how much the other guy has got so that he can
    risk an all-in bet and still be a healthy chip stack. If the guy had 3m
    behind I don’t think Chorney makes that move….. I do agree a lot of
    people love to showoff, even i have been guilty of that at times but i
    reckon in his case it was a legitimate ask. sometimes it also puts people
    off when you ask how much they have behind them……

  7. Haha, dude called the clock, two hands later he’s busted. And I knew it was
    coming too. He was totally out of line, karma thought so too.

  8. LOL. i know who vicky coren is, i just didnt recognize her voice. If your
    point is that she is good because shes won a tournament or two, you should
    take a look back at Jerry Yang, Jamie Gold, Annette Obrestad, just to name
    a few.

  9. why are they so concerned about what they are wearing??? wtf is this shit?
    what does this bitch even know about poker anyway???

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