1. You’re money is guaranteed and you don’t have to worry about the site being
    taken over by the DOJ. Buddy has been waiting on $3000 from Lock Poker for
    about three months now. You try to contact customer service and all you get
    is crickets. Chirp chirp. That’s the difference. If you are a losing player
    that never cashes out then play anywhere you want.

  2. Carbon and Lock are operating illegally. They use various forms of payment
    processing fraud and money laundering in order to process deposits and
    withdrawals. IMO Lock will be shutting down this year, as I’ve heard
    they’re running low on funds and don’t have operational funds segregated
    from player funds.

  3. I was thinking the same thing im from uk tho so im not sure any us players
    tell me why carbon lock and bovado are different couldnt you alredy player
    legaly with them ?

  4. $2.60 profit! Even though tiny its still great to see. Great video Arnett..
    screen capture would have been sweet

  5. god bless the union jack my friend. like the top comment says. the land of
    the free is just one huge business jipping money left right and center.

  6. Just got around to seeing this video and so happy we got your account set
    up. Thanks for this. 🙂

  7. You don’t have to live in NV to play but you do have to be physically
    located within the state to play.

  8. Thanks for the immediate First Look. I’m sure everyone was curious about
    Ultimate Poker, especially today being the first in years!

  9. so only people from Nevada can play? omg, fk this website, get some semse
    and allow the whole world to play stupid Americans. Stupid Americans make
    guns legal and poker elligal, what the fuck?

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