1. The best was about 39:30 and go on with it when Ilari and Patrik were just
    speaking in finnish (i am finnish)

  2. Full Tilt Poker sure got hammered by the fucking Feds. They had to pay huge
    fines (that will go to waste by Fed spending) and they had to give up their
    U.S. player like me. So much for living in the Land Of The Free where
    fascism now rules.

  3. Ivey v feldman. I wouldn’t take crap off ivey giving it the big man stare,
    KQ suited from the Hi Jack against phil ivey and im playing loose, if he re
    pop’s me for 7k and the flop comes 10-5-5 then 3 im check shoving the turn
    their is no way ivey is calling – boom take what ya gonna do ivey you got
    no moves left kid. your all in. aint scared of no phil Im gona raise air

  4. Matusow aint playin tight…hes playing BROKE When youve been on your hands
    and knees suckin Lederer’s cock to get some of his full tilt scam money you
    play cautiously…Matusow says Leder drops buckets of bleach down his
    throat every time and at 50 bucks a pop its a lot more nut in his gut if he

  5. These commentators are incredibly poor. Too much unneeded information,
    often amateur at best along with annoying. I often listen to these videos
    with mute thanks to these guys.

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    with Crib Cash Generator (google it).

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