1. Yeah, it is, plus PAD wasn’t half as interesting as HSP was IMO. You could
    try Pokerstars BG if you decide to do another vid, that show had its
    moments, especially with Tony G – Hellmuth antics. Plus, I missed Negreanu
    impersonations, he’s great at them. Anyway, nice job, loved this vid, hard
    to find decent poker compilations.

  2. And i wished to have more materials, i guess i could try in PAD series but
    MAN, that is a looong TV series

  3. I guess I’m speaking for everybody when I’m asking to do another vid like
    this mate!

  4. I also want more poker shows… but looks like after black friday on FTP
    all poker shows halted, is kind of weird i u aks me…

  5. I liked the video because of the first 3.49 minutes with Gus Hansen and
    Phil Hellmuth’s reaction. Especially from 2:01 to 3.49 Gus was on fire, it
    was nothing less than epic, that dude can be funny as hell. Imo after the
    first part there was only a few really funny moments.

  6. “Gus is talking to the barmaids, he’s become very attractive after winning
    that 300,000 dollar pot. He’s now become Gus Handsome” Just about lost it

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