1. I never really got the story behind this song tell glee did it this is just
    wow there voices are amazing together and to be honest haha I’m crying
    listing to it :)

  2. Dude, it is perfect because of the point of the whole song. This girl
    fools around, flirts, is overtly sexual, but then the sad ending is that
    you find out that she’ll never know true love. Aside from being lyrically
    stunning, the song mirrors real life. I know some girls AND guys like that
    — and they live perpetually single because they fake their way through
    life with a “poker face”. They never let that guard down and never know
    true love.

  3. when i heard this song when it aired, i didn’t like it, but today i heard
    it again, it’s fantastic. it sounds great. obviously my ears have matured
    since the last time i heard it.

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