1. @IIOverkill maximum raise ammount = The ammount you would call (if noone
    has bet before you its 0 of course) + on top of that, the size of the pot,
    so if someone bets 5 into a pot of 10, then when its your turn you can
    raise maximum 5+ 20=25 (if i didnt screw up the numbers)

  2. This is really not that hard of a laydown. Its good but not great. This is
    a daily fold for a lot of pros. Its a draw heavy board and why else would
    Sexton raise the river? He’s not bluffing, thats for sure (whether i see
    the holecards or not). And loses to any 8 or KJ. Set is unlikely by the way
    Mike played it. Its funny to see everyone oohed and aaahed over a pro
    making this type of play.

  3. @Skillet1905 ok. i thought it was pot limit because that’s what it says in
    the description

  4. … Great laydown? Any 8 makes a straight… What else can Sexton be
    raising him on the river with?

  5. how come if the pot is 570k then sexton can raise 600k? Sorry i know
    nothing about pot-limit

  6. @IIOverkill when Andy raised 200K it made the pot 770K and he didn’t raise
    600K he raised TOO 600k, which means he raised 400K

  7. Great lay down my ass standard fold with a board where a single card can
    make a str8. Folding an 8 to the KJ would have been a great lay down, this

  8. sexton is a top player mind i really like his style. hes not aggressive but
    seems to make great calls / folds – kinda cunningham ‘esque!

  9. i love all the pros in youtube that would have insta called at least but
    now that they see the holecards are saying easy laydown!!!

  10. @omusialo exactly and just because blochs opponent was sexton, it makes it
    a even easier laydown. he is capable of a move here and their but its best
    to let him make his RARE move and fold to him most of the time. It was too
    much of a wet/sloppy board to just call with 2p

  11. KQ is just going to call. If you raise just a pair of queens on a board
    that dangerous I’d love to play with you, though. I thought the fold wasn’t
    that impressive given the 8 making the straight, until he called the KJ out

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