1. Good fold, a winning fold.

    Every other time Daniel will show a flush, higher set or a str8. Nightmare
    runout for Torelli 

  2. its a but fold for only a reason IS LITTLE risk!
    Risk only the 1/4 of the remaining stuck with SET(good hand) Lose maybe by
    flush ok. And the paise is HALF POT. Risk 7k(1/4 pot) to win to win 20K
    after the bet. Hmmm is bad fold

  3. when the kid stars talking put him all in even when you have zip, gee he’s
    good, he alas hardly ever fold to a raise so delete that, the key here is
    to never play a hand against a living legend, maybe one so you can tell
    your grand kids…. a freak talent

  4. That one announcer is almost UNLISTENABLE. Seriously, you don’t need a lame
    play on words every other sentence.

  5. He folded because he’s intimidated by Daniel. Daniel is a poker legend so
    that along with his talk made him fold… can’t play intimidated against
    pros or you already lost.

  6. Strange line by Negreanu. Not an awful fold by Torelli, its a pretty close
    spot but I think its a call getting 3 to 1 there on the river.

  7. So both players played the hand correctly imo, only thing I don’t
    understand is why Daniel bets the flop into 4 people, but that doesn’t
    matter because it made for a great story on the turn and the river. Very
    interesting hand, thanks uploader for uploading this! :)

  8. Now when Daniel shoves the river, it is obviously NOT for value, but as a
    bluff to bluff away “AQ”, “22” and “55”, since Torelli will never call with
    worst there. What also works into Daniels favor is that he has a blocker
    for the nutflush, which is a huge part of Torelli’s calling range on the
    river, since the nutflush would never raise the turn, since the money gets
    in on the river anyway and most importantly, it keeps Daniels range wider,
    thus it’s more optimal to call with the nutflush then to raise with it, but
    hey, since Daniel has that blocker, the only hand I can think of that is in
    Torelli’s range that will call Daniels shove is KQcc, which makes sense,
    since it would raise the flop (pair+draw+1over is a favorite over almost
    any hand on the flop), but that is only like 1 combo, while AQ, 55 and 22
    have 15 combo’s combined, so if he turns a hand like AJ into a bluff
    (second best two pair!!!), you can imagine that it is very hard to have a
    bluff here, especially when Torelli has the nutflush so often in Torelli’s
    perspective, since he doesn’t know that Daniel has the blocker for that
    hand, thus Daniel knows he can’t have that. Now by shoving the river,
    Daniel polarizes his range, thus he has either the nut flush, maybe the
    second nuts (which Torelli obv. has 0% against), or a bluff, which is very
    hard to have, since when you get here you almost always have to have a
    hand, you need to be good like 25% to call on the river, and Torelli thinks
    (rightfully so) that he is not, hence why he folds.

  9. I can understand that if your not into the strategy stuff, this hand seems
    a little bit strange, but it all makes sense. After daniel bets the flop
    into 4 people which is very strong and calls a flop raise, he reps a hand
    like AQ, a flushdraw etc, but calling AQ on the flop and donking the turn
    doesn’t make any sense, but since his flop bet/call range contained alot of
    flushdraws, his turn donklead looks a lot like a flush, but with a set on
    the turn, even against the nutflush Torelli has like 20% and can win alot
    of money on the river if he hits since Daniel will not fold a flush on the
    river with so little behind and he also has the best hand some % of the
    time with 55, so Torelli calls to evaluate the river, since he thinks
    Daniel will not call with worse if he shoves (maybe sometimes, but less
    then 50% he is up against the flush at the very least, since that is the
    hand he reps the most), so a call is more profitabel then a shove, hence
    why he just calls the turn bet.

  10. i really dont understand why torelli played it like he did. I REALLY dont
    understand the call on the turn, i would just put him all-in since he is
    never folding anyway.

  11. i dont get it.. he’s beating a ton of value hands and daniel has obviously
    at least some bluffs there.. maybe he’s just used to idiots donking the
    turn when they make a flush or something.. that’s the only reason i can
    think he folded. i mean there’s no other reason you would fold there…. i
    mean its daniel negreanu!! haven’t you ever seen his johnny chan play

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