1. plz nobody play on bovada. its rigged. they have bots that play and there
    are insane bad beats that take place just about every hand. i have lost
    some of the craziest hands i have ever seen. i highly recommend you save
    your money and find another site.

  2. You can’t talk, 4 days ago you signed up to “Your Bodyweight & Gymnastics
    strength training resource.”

  3. @xjcjvwn i really like to play tournaments, playing with real money
    actually makes you play properly. you can get $8 to play no need to deposit
    any money claim it here -> bit.ly/WRGDKZ?=skerco

  4. btw, the queen bee is usually the hottest who everyone follows, at least,
    in my little world. the mother hen is usually the cock blocker(aka fatty)
    who you to eliminate in some way. sometimes someone has to take one for the

  5. do you support bovada? i had long delays getting paid when they were bodog.
    i guess beggar’s can’t be choosers

  6. I have been playing on bovada and was thinking of jumping ship, watching
    this though makes me think I need to stick it out to get into higher levels

  7. Could be the best Youtube video I’ve ever seen, thank you so much Gripsed
    and Robert Rivah!

  8. Lol at the poker terminology for women. Didn’t help me learn much, but it
    was pretty entertaining haha

  9. Life, like Poker, is a game in information. The information I gleaned from
    the first 30 seconds of this video is that I don’t want to hear anything
    either of these two chumps have to say about life, or poker… ever…

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