1. 2:10:30 the commentator says he can only win with an ace on the river. No
    the queen on the turn gives him more outs. He could hit a Jack to make a
    Straight. Jesus i could do this guys job. 

  2. the dealer done the right thing if a card is exposed during the deal it
    becomes the 1st burn card and the dealer deals the cards as normal and the
    person whose card was exposed gets the last card once the deal is complete

  3. fuck your dumb, i never said i never play q 10, i said its not a “strong”
    hand, and you just admitted its true. Thank you fucking jabroni

  4. When Heinecker was all in vs Haxton he could have hit a J on the river as
    well to win the pot, they kept saying he had to hit an A to win…

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