1. “big pot… ive seen bigger.” -doyle

  2. Funny? This is funny to the same people who like the videos of people doing
    face-plants on the pavement.

  3. the flop play was pretty standard, turn play was standard, but his bet
    sizing could have been a bit bigger…. on the river is where the logic
    fails imo… if negreanu has an over pair there like he’s been repping, he
    should be checking behind his AA-TT, as there’s no point in betting. Even
    if he does bet, he probably won’t be betting that big, and secondly, he
    won’t be calling a check-raise anyway. Running out of room for other side
    of the argument….

  4. You mean the guy sitting between Gus Hansen and Daniel Negreanu? That’s
    Phil Laak, a professional poker player whose total live tournament winnings
    exceed $2,500,000.

  5. I love how people act like his reads are so amazing. He says every possible
    hand the guy could have. Anyone who plays poker occasionally could do that

  6. It’s amazing play because I’m sure Gus had Daniel on a rather powerful
    hand. Daniel’s range is huge and may have actually put him on a Full House
    at the turn and at least a straight on the River. By checking he’s letting
    Daniel make the first action which will walk right into his Quads. There
    was no way Daniel was checking back. If Gus bets out first, it might convey
    to Daniel that he may have jumped ahead with pocket 8s. gus’s rall-in
    response to Daniels raise may push him out.

  7. I musta presonally watched Gus lose milllions on full tilt back in the day.
    Everytime he bought in for 30k over and over and over and over and over and
    over again. I always wondered where the fuck he got all the money.

  8. 0:55 this is what makes kaplan so much better of a commentator than the
    average donk commentator who would have been all like “wow, this is gonna
    show how good gus hanson really is! can he get away from this hand?” as if
    losing money in a situation like this would make you any less of a pro.
    sorry i’m just so sick of most commentators

  9. No actually most ppl would go woohoo i got a fullhouse….oh shit the other
    guy has quads id be willing to bet if you got in this situation you
    wouldn’t even try figure it out ud just go all in in fact you most likely
    are one of those all in all the time idiots from pokerstars with marginal
    hands….am i right?

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