Harder Wins PokerStars Championship Bahamas Main Event

The United States poker specialist Christian Harder has become richer by $429,664 after winning the main event at the 2017 PokerStars Championship Bahamas.

This is the first PokerStars event to be held in the Bahamas and this victory to Harder came after he struck a deal with second placed fellow countryman Cliff Josephy. The third place was bagged by another American by the name Michael Vela and he ended up earning $259,980 as the prize money. The heads-up deal with Josephy paved the way for Christian Harder to win the six-handed final table.

The final day started at noon and it soon became five-handed with Rasmus Glaesel bidding goodbye after losing in the seventh hand to Josephy. The next player took a long time to go and he battled for almost seven hours. This player was Michael Gentili who started the final day with the most number of chips in hand. He had played for 99 hands after the exit of Rasmus before bowing out of the event in the 106th total hand. He won $140,940 for the fifth place finish.  

Aleksei Opalikhin, who own most of Gentili’s chips, was the next one to go and he lost a big flip to Josephy. Michael Vela soon followed suit after knocking of Aleksei and after Vela’s exit, there were only two players remaining on the table. They started the deal talks and soon reached an agreement. There were $10,000 still to play, but the two Americans struck a deal that resulted in harder wins $429,664 and Josephy pocketing $403,448.

This is the second time that Christian Harder has made it to the PokerStars event final table and the last time was at the 2008 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. He finished in the seventh position then and collected $200,000 for his efforts.