1. haha, nice editing at 8:10, where Sheiky is spotted in the spot two to
    Negreanu’s right when it’s really Dr. Nassari at the start of the game

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  3. It’s a running joke that the idiot railbirds on FTP used to type in the
    chat box of the High Stakes games. Pretty sure he’s alive and well.

  4. Have you watched the rest of the next 7 seasons?? lol Most unlucky player
    from all seasons combined! Watching this again is actually kind of eerie
    how well he did in the very first show

  5. sometimes over betting the pot may seem like a bluff….so by making
    something look fishy or bluffy u can sometimes get a call or someone to
    come over the top….it doesnt always work but when it does its stacker

  6. This is so cool that these shows have been uploaded onto youtube in their
    entirety! Thanks GSN.

  7. Nasseri is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wrong… the least he could do
    is accessorise in a mouth zip heha! O.<

  8. You are trying to say that the grandpa of poker sucks… who do you think
    educated the world on how to play poker with his poker books which is
    widely known as the “BIBLE OF POKER”. Go troll somewhere else…. wait
    better yet, play me on a poker table, I always enjoy playing donkeys who
    think they know it all yet post comments that are completely false.

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