1. I like Viffer. I pretty much like all the guys everyone hates. Maybe that’s
    because I’m someone everyone hates.

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  3. all i see is viffer losing losing and more losing. i guess that makes him
    the best player for the game!

  4. He is one of my favorite players. By far the best cash player ever on this
    or any other show. He is funny too

  5. Eli Elezra gets overlooked a lot on HSP. Elezra more often than not gets
    the best of Dwan on HSP by simply calling Dwan down, which isn’t easy
    considering Elezra usually has medium strength hands and Dwan tends to bet
    big amounts. Elezra also isn’t afraid to gamble if he thinks he’s got the
    best hand and doesn’t mind sticking all his chips in with big draws. We
    need more HSP. Too bad the last season of HSP was so terrible and there’s
    about a 0% chance of HSP making a comeback.

  6. I’d love to wipe that, whatever that is, off Durr’s face. It’s rare that i
    hate somebody so much and i don’t even know why.

  7. Doyle played well but to be fair he got incredibly lucky on the turn and
    river to have a board where Dwan would put so much money into the pot.

  8. grow up lol your reasoning is of a 6 years old dont want to tell you how
    ridiculous you sound immature with a foul mouth lol

  9. I like Laak’s personal idealism and stuff. Hate seeing him lose – he isn’t
    the best player, but good still.

  10. It’s an obvious insta-call. The reason he is taking time is because he is
    considering making a thin raise, but realises Dwan wont call with a worse
    hand. So he just calls 🙂

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