1. Should you join from pokerstars using the marketing code psp15562 you’ll
    receive a 600 buck extra

  2. You the man, Ivey. I don’t know how many bracelets Ivey has won, but I’ll
    take him as a more superior player than Hellmuth any day.

  3. whoever the commentator is, is the funniest poker commentator ever. Doesn’t
    need an accomplice

  4. I do believe that Ivey is an incredible player, maybe the best in the
    world. But please announcers, stop swinging from his nuts.

  5. @9:47 “First time I saw a hairstyle like Andreas was when Dennis the Menace
    took mushrooms…” LMFAOOO XDD gotta love Kaplan

  6. 1 season I seen them with $5 chips for tips, I hardly see them chip anyway
    hope their cheap asses tip more

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