1. Apparently Ivey lost the bet within 3 weeks…they settled for $150,000
    buy-out price

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    you will get any six hundred $ reward

  3. Poor Negreanu. I read he was down 2 million overall through seasons 1-7.
    The largest loss of any players. Helmuth suprisingly was only down a small
    bit. Dwan was up 1.7 mil, and Ivey up about 300k overall. Dwan is the most
    exciting player on the table, because you just never know.

  4. True that. Easy money, after Ivey was up 300k within the first few hours
    that we’ve seen.

  5. In a tournament, chips are basically play money: how they keep score. In
    this case, yes, they’re playing with regular casino chips they had to buy
    with their own money, and anything they win is theirs. They’re getting paid
    about $1200/hr as an appearance fee, but that’s nothing compared to the
    money changing hands in the game. So yes, if Ivey wanted to get up and
    leave, he takes his $700k with him.

  6. “Sponsored Full Tilt Poker pros were required to boycott the show this time
    around, as rival site PokerStars became its official sponsors.”

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