1. she makes that familiar smug frown as if she would’ve NEVER made that play.
    (coming over the top with the nut flush draw on the flop).

  2. Phill Ruffin was ‘roughing’ up the table with his over-bets ! He might
    have unintentionally made it a good pot-odds play. See, if he bets his
    drawing hands, then he his, he wins a big pot. If he bets a made hand, and
    it wins at showdown, and wins a bigger pot. Or he can get people to fold
    a better hand by betting 2.5-5x the pot. 

  3. because vannesa sucks compared to other pros… she randomly calls all in
    with like J7 and gets trashed in tournaments.

  4. Why so much hate for Vanessa? I sometimes think the majority of people who
    comment on these vids are 13 yrs old.

  5. Can’t decide who’s worse, him or Ruffin. Honestly I lean towards Ruffin but
    they are both miserable.

  6. When Pest tells that dumb wannabe pro poker playing cunt selbst that her
    videos cost him millions and just cost her 50 thousand, then Robl made it
    clear that she makes online videos explaining strategies. She laughed
    showing her complete ignorance to the game. If you find a way to get an
    edge and win money in poker, why would you share it with potential
    competition. Same with idiots who make money doing things others don’t
    think of. KEEP IT SECRET!!!

  7. Norm is not Gabe…of course! Norm is great as well and with ruffin and
    Klein this was a great season.

  8. Running it twice with a flush draw against a straight is so much better for
    the flush draw. It was good that Vanessa was being kind to Doyle.

  9. The ONLY thing I like about the new fuck tard commentator is that he
    explains things that ‘new’ poker players might not now what is, but other
    then that, he sucks.

  10. Was there actually an interview for the commentator job? Sounds like
    someones son getting in because daddy has connections. .

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