1. When this moron references his 2/4 game, am I the only one who KNOWS he is
    talking about 2c 4c ?

  2. I love these videos but I just cant watch vanessa selbst. She makes me want
    to punch babies.

  3. poker wisdom of a champion by johnny chan: “it’s hard to bluff a


  4. Crazy online video, this manufactured us would like to play i really went
    to poker star in addition to My partner and i registered with all the
    marketingcode psp15562 plus they coordinated our initial put in.

  5. How ingorant can one be to flatcall your AA under the gun. Then at least
    you can expect someone to make trips or 2 pair or anything else. 5handed
    pot..AA always loses.

  6. You guys are getting old. Every show i see someone putting this comment in.
    Is this just to get likes or what? Think we know it allready after 5

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