1. Everyone is totally cool here, except for the fuckstain Voulgaris, he is
    such a fucking piece of shit fuckstain cunt asshole loser. I would love to
    smash his face in with a hammer, no?

  2. Couldn’t they find any better commentator than Norm Macdonald? Most of his
    comments are just annoying and his assumptions are often wrong or
    inaccurate. Gabe Kaplan made the show alot more entertaining when he was
    the commentator.

  3. i wish chan would stay longer he only came by two times and never stayed
    very long. 

  4. Perkins on this show is basically: “Hey viewers, we got you a total idiot
    so you can watch some poker AND LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF” (c) GSN

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  7. Hey that’s cool, I didn’t know the bald guy from Key & Peele played poker.
    although he is much funnier on comedy central

  8. Just when you think they don’t get worse than Selbst or Croak, I welcome
    you to Perkins and Movsesian. I tell you, get a table of Selbst, Croak,
    Perkins, Movsesian, Antonious, and Dwan and we will see the worst poker
    game ever with tons of money

  9. At this horrible HSP, probably the best thing is Kara Scott … everything
    else is just tragic.

  10. just because you see a play work in one hand on tv doesnt mean its clever.
    as you said it is a game of people, and people play ranges of cards.
    voulgaris is not trying to steal from the loosest, just playing for value.
    I doubt anyone who finds this play anything else than absolutely horrible
    is ever gonna make actual long term profit. Id be interested in being shown
    Im wrong and that one of you is actually a solid winning player. but we
    both know youre not.

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