1. My local Home Depot had it, I simply asked for birch plywood and it
    commonly comes in 5′ by 5′ pieces. You might want to try a lumber yard

  2. That was awesome!! i’ve tried to find videos like yours about how to build
    a poker table but it was always just pictures and music! GREAT JOB!!!

  3. The table cost just under $300. The big splurge was the speed cloth and
    foam for about $100 with shipping. The full material list is on my website
    at shopgeek.ca.

  4. It would be awesome if you could post a finished video showing the legs of
    the table because I am considering changing the legs to a single center
    pedestal but im just not sure yet. Thanks for the awesome video.

  5. Very nice video. I added your link to my ‘How To Build a Poker Table’ page
    located at HomePokerTourney dot youknowwhat. This is the #1 ranked page on
    Google for any search terms similar to ‘build a poker table’.

  6. Great video,,,other than the part where you asked us to wear eye protection
    while using the pin nailer and then didn’t use it yourself! Lead by example
    sir! lol 😉

  7. Enjoyed your video and decided to follow your plans to build poker table.
    Went to my local Lowes & Home Depot to get 5′ birch ply and neither one
    carried anything that wide. Where did you purchases a 5″ wide ply?

  8. So awesome! I’m going to build this! Only thing I’m adding is trim just to
    make it a little more refined. Best day poker table on YouTube!

  9. How does the playing surface sit flush with the race track if both are cut
    from 3/4in material but the foam on the playing surface must add at least a
    1/8″ to a 1/4″ of thickness?

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