1. I know I know. I am trying to figure out a way to get started again. I
    don’t have my studio anymore. I will finish at some point.

  2. @Phil Pearce Tyvm! I knew that, but at same time he never states it, so I’m
    trying to magically make two halves 1/4″ apart become shuffles and it
    obviously doesn’t work. Very important step left out if still, great video

  3. Do you recommend a certain type of cards because all of mine are really
    stiff cards and hard to use

  4. I have never worked in Rio, so unfortunately, I don’t have an answer to
    that. I could only guess, but since people look to these comments for
    guidance at times, I would rather not guess here.

  5. Hi, I recently read through part of your article and spoke again with the
    dealer I mentioned earlier. He basically echoed what you wrote in your
    article. He told me that he was taught to shuffle that way (not required by
    vegas casinos) but I had misunderstood about it being regulated. He
    stressed that it was important not to pick up the deck during the shuffle
    but that shuffling with the thumbs high or low on the deck is not
    regulated. Sorry for the confusion.

  6. any tips how to pick the card on the table with the rest of the deck? when
    i use one hand to pick half the deck up, the card at the bottem always lies
    on the table and i can’t seem to pick it up

  7. If you take a video of your shuffle and post it or come in to Studz Poker
    Club in Miami Gardens Florida, I can give you feedback!

  8. Yeah it takes more than 2 hours, but that’s why he said he is getting the
    hang of it with some good and some bad and not a pro 🙂

  9. Well actually after some thought, i figure it was a tiny little detail
    simply for the reason, that right handed people (at least me) have a
    natural tendency to slighty delay letting the cards go (and finishing) with
    the right half (Hand) causing one of the cards from the left half beeing
    the bottom card, and a card from the right beeing on the top. So basically,
    should you put the top half in your right hand, at the end of each riffle
    the bottom and top cards would remain the same everytime.

  10. I have thought about videos on how to prevent cheating (or how to handle
    people taking shots at the dealer as we say in the industry). There
    certainly are a lot of common shots that players may take. I guess I kinda
    should do that video, huh? :). It’s just a matter of when…

  11. Glad to hear it. Feel free to post questions on here as you work your way
    through it.

  12. For anyone who read this comment and wondered what he meant, he is just
    trying to be funny/sound cool. There was no ace to follow. This comment is
    a combination of poker player and video gamer mentality mixed together.
    Lots and lots and lots of this in the poker world, and my comment is not an
    insult to him. I found it funny.

  13. Great insight! There are a few things along those lines that I probably
    could have explained slightly better. I guess that’s part of what makes it
    free :). I will definitely keep that in mind if I ever get around to
    remaking these videos though. Thanks!

  14. I wish everybody would learn how to correctly shuffle like this instead of
    the violent and destructive riffle+bridge. It’s so frustrating watching all
    your poker buddies destroy your brand new deck as it passes around the
    table. Great video!

  15. great guide for me , thanks alot for posting these videos . Have you
    uploaded any guide on how to deal out the flop turn river , or collect the
    folded cards etc … ?

  16. At what point do you take in the antes during shuffling? Before you start?
    After you’re done? Before you cut? After you cut?

  17. Use some padding under your felt (shelf liner works great). If you are
    working on a surface with no padding or directly on a hard table top, then
    it is very difficult.

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