1. Ha! Just picture more energy when you watch the next video. That way I
    don’t have to remake them ;). I will keep that in mind for future videos
    too though.

  2. Great job, mate. I would definitely watch all your videos and get better @
    what I wanna do for living !

  3. What brand of cards are you using here? Recently I won a local poker
    tournament and at the final table they switched from the plain ones they
    were using for 12 tables to a deck that I think was the same as what you
    have here, but with a blue back. They were a lot easier to deal with and
    slide really well.

  4. I am in the fifth class of poker dealers our casino is training. My
    co-workers have mentioned your video countless times. Today was my second
    day of training. I have greatly improved after watching and imitating your
    exercises in the video. I have reduced exposing cards from around 30 in a
    deck to 2 in a deck. Just need more practice. Thanks to all of you. Once
    you guys complete your instructional video series, I would recommend it to
    our casino to purchase your videos.

  5. Are you saying you would like a camera view from underneath the hand that
    is pitching? I am not sure exactly what you are saying your problem is.
    Feel free to take some video of your pitch with your phone and post it as a
    video response here, and I can give you feedback.

  6. Honestly, it’s probably better to practice with cards that are a little
    tougher to pitch with. It will just make you better in the long run. As for
    cards themselves, every card company out there uses the same basic card,
    and it is the coating on the cards that makes them feel different and last
    longer or shorter and feel thinner or thicker. The coating is what the
    companies can control. I don’t currently have any that I sell. That will
    eventually happen. Videos first.

  7. Well first, there are a few different ways to pitch. I use the indent that
    my fingernail creates. Some people use the indent on their fingernail on
    the side near the first knuckle as well as other spots altogether.

  8. Youtube doesn’t seem to allow links or I would have directed you to their
    websites, but they are easy enough to find. When you buy them, remember
    that most plastic decks are sold as a setup. They call two decks of
    different colors a setup, so you will likely be buying two decks at once.

  9. Again, the reason I teach that as a secondary pitch is because grabbing
    deeper into the card like that over and over again takes longer to do than
    the first pitch and the idea for a dealer is to be as fast and smooth as

  10. I deal 21 and the pitch is slightly different, perhaps you could elaborate
    on that for BJ dealers wanting to learn Poker. ie forefinger placement and
    angle of pitch .

  11. Can you elaborate on what you mean by a divot? I’m really unsure what I’m
    actually looking for – I tried to learn the process, but I think that’s
    what I’m missing, as my projection goes about 45 degrees to the right of my
    aim, rather than straight ahead.

  12. Great question, and it brings up an important point. Learning to deal poker
    is done best at an actual school where an instructor can see what your
    technique is and make adjustments based on what they see. Just like it is
    very difficult to correct a baseball batting motion, basketball shot, pool
    approach or other similar motion without seeing what is being done, it is
    very difficult to correct your situation without seeing you pitch. That
    said, feel free to include a video of your pitch.

  13. Thanks for the vid. Did you also do the video where you do a pinky-flip
    thing to pitch cards? That was awesome, but I can’t find it :/

  14. Can you get real casino poker cards and would be interested in making a
    sale? Right now i have Kem Casino Circleback Green/brown, but they aren’t
    as durable or as stiff as what the casino uses. They must have some kind of
    custom added material. Anyway, let me know. Thanks!

  15. I am doing poker training right now. I cannot seem to find that divot on my
    middle finger to launch the card. I end up flipping the card over as I

  16. The second pitch I teach here uses that theory and by grabbing deeper into
    the card and more toward the center, you create a situation where your
    middle finger projects the card around the card’s center and you therefore
    have more control over the spinning card as you pitch. To get the card to
    jump and spin like I do at 5:44, I just added an upward and slight backward
    motion while I did it. Like it said, it requires a lot of control.

  17. Instead, when you moved the card, it would just spin and go where you
    wanted. However, if you were to put the tac anywhere other than the center
    of the card, the spinning of the card would not be smooth. The card would
    wobble like crazy as it spun and the spinning itself would be a lot less
    stable if you were to try to move the card. Getting a card to spin around
    itself, makes pitching easier and smoother…

  18. Not nearly as well, but almost well enough to actually deal that way. I do
    know a few lefties who have learned to deal with both hands, and I also
    know a few experienced, veteran dealers who have learned to deal with both
    hands. One of them had a hand injury and it saved them from being out of
    work for a little over a month!

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