1. do u think this will happen in, say, 3-5 years? if not, im probably going
    to leave the country at some point.

  2. I had an epiphany watching this video. my eyes have truly been opened. they
    say how hard it is to be an mtt pro. I am very humbled by shaun deeb’s
    results as he has proved the experts wrong.

  3. You couldn’t have made this video much shorter by simply saying that during
    the mid-stages of MTTs Shaun likes to gamble and he gets lucky and wins
    those gambles. You kept saying that skill predominates his play, but you
    haven’t shown this in the video. Please talk about and show where skill

  4. We’ve got a free video here on youtube on Stack Size Considerations. 4
    betting, 3 betting, and the full Position video sequence are behind the
    paywall on the website. I think they would be worth your time. You are
    asking very intelligent questions and seem ripe for the knowledge.

  5. I noticed this just recently too! Freudian slip I suppose…hopefully
    everyone hears the narration and gets the point regardless.

  6. He was on UB and there was a lot cheating going on there, I know for a
    fact, I played in a horse tourney with a friend of mine at his office. We
    logged in from different computers signed up for the same tourney and they
    put us on the same table. He supposedly retired after black friday cause he
    knew he would be investigated as other players

  7. If you’re out of position, your decision should be shove or fold, so look
    at your stack size. If you’re in position, you have the additional option
    of calling or 4 betting. Which path you take if IP will be based on your
    opponent’s style, any history, effective stack sizes, where in the 77-JJ
    range you are etc. You can take a set mining approach with the low end, and
    a pure position line with TT, JJ.

  8. The graph is bogus. It means that on average, a player more often is busted
    on the first hand, than surviving a few hands. But I doubt it is true.

  9. Good video. Such a great information, I’m wondering if we will ever have
    regulated online poker in usa?

  10. there are a few sites that accomodate us players. lock poker is a
    legitimate site and has deposits and withdrawls

  11. how do you play mid pairs 7-j’s after being 3bet? always find myself in
    this situation not sure whats plus ev as if you flat and flop 3 under and
    try get it in youre either dominated or they folded the 50/50pre but you do
    have the best hand esp wit 1010and jj a good percentage of the time on low
    stakes 2-12$

  12. I think we will. There is enough political will. The problem is that will
    is fragmented across diverse interest groups that cannot agree: Indian
    Tribes, State Lotteries, Horse Racing, Nevada Casinos. Some form of
    consensus will emerge eventually. The moral conservative voters and
    politicians have a clear opposition to it, but I truly feel they are a loud
    minority in the issue. I wouldn’t wait around for it. Play live. It will
    pass as suddenly and unannounced as the UIGEA did.

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