1. Okay..there was a bunch of reads to make the call there…standing up, then
    drinking the water..

  2. I’d say this was actually more a terrible play than a good call… Weak
    attempt at an aggressive play from Koskas

  3. Koskas stood up, fiddled with his chips after we went all in and drank from
    his water bottle multiple times. Three major tells. Anyone could have made
    that call.

  4. I loved the body language after a minute of tanking. He went from heated to
    super cooler….and drinking from an empty water bottle lol

  5. sorry about that. yea it’s all about levels. If someone knew you are good
    enough to make that read like what mercier did, he might shove with the

  6. I think this is a pretty standard call. It takes a lot of balls to make at
    a final table of a kind I can only hope to have, but let’s put the money
    aside. Koska’s flop line is K/K on a rainbow flop, overbet/C on a brick
    turn, jam river practically instantly after the river card touches the
    table and pairs the board. This is the most ridiculous line ever for any
    kind of made hand, so unless he’s trying to play a master leveling game,
    even ace high starts looking pretty good…

  7. It is tougher and most of us wouldn’t always be capable of making the right
    decision with that much money on the line, but don’t you think Koska’s line
    is extremely weird on that board? He’s extremely polarized with his
    instajam, but there’s no monster hand that makes any sense to play that
    way. If it was at the stakes I play, which is admittedly low, and a villain
    took that line, I really think I’d strongly consider a hero call with ace
    high. Of course I’d probably wuss out at higher stakes.

  8. That kind of line to polarize your range makes more sense if your line up
    to the river indicates that your range is pretty strong hand and you want
    to balance it to some extent by making it look like it could include a lot
    of air, and provided the action so far indicates that the opponent has a
    hand with which he could call. Koska’s line on this board is just downright
    weird and suspicious and he’s been doing this repeatedly at the table.

  9. Standing up like that going all in shows his nerves, shows he doesn’t want
    to see a call, shows the bluff.

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