1. how cool, the pictures of the queens and jacks are reversed, as shown in
    that jack of clubs. oh, yes, they are easy to tell the 6 and 9 apart using
    one more step: look in the middle, there are more spots in it

  2. Depends on who you ask! Most people will tell you Kem, but I personnally
    prefer Copag. I have to agree, I never tried Da Vinci…

  3. bicycle is for regular game play and some for magic tricks its not for
    poker why would they use it? i prefer kem or copag lol

  4. Its really sad these turned out so bad, but I hear that modiano fixed the
    6/9 thing by putting the suit under the rank

  5. Wow….I thought these cards were ok….until he turned over the first one.
    Wow that’s horrible.

  6. Thanks for the reviews. These cards are so very ugly though! I’m glad they
    quickly got the boot!

  7. My eyes want to look at the top corner instead of the bottom corner too
    because the top corner is what people see when they fan the cards (the
    bottom being obscured either by other cards or their hand). We’re trained
    to look at the top, not the bottom, so I see where the complaints are
    coming from. I have the same first name as the tournament commissioner, and
    it often gets misspelled EXACTLY the same way as on the card. I used not to
    care, but it now gets on my nerves.

  8. @zarboc5689 Lol, No Problem I am gonna hook ya up my FTP ID is sucon2764 🙂
    And yes Full Tilt just revealed on their facebook page that a new player
    can head on over to their web page, then register an account usin the code
    SPECIALS. I think it is the preferred way if your a new player to start
    playing.. Your first deposit get DOUBLED plus multiple other amazing perks.
    Sucks but it’s only going work for the first 4500 players that sign up with

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