1. That Outfit, that beautiful piano, that voice, that cute tight ass of hers
    I mean this performance is everything YAS bitch♡ 

  2. Never thought a star like this would come up again. Reminds me a little bit
    of younger Elton. Such a great performance. Keep it up!

  3. …and I also wrote about my fascination with women… …she’s got me like
    NOBODY… Lady Gaga JUST LIKE MADONNA – KISSING GIRLS! Don’t you all be
    ‘The Eyes Wide Shut’. THINK DEEPER, THINK HIGHER!

  4. This girl’s pure talent. Had the opportunity to watch her live and it was
    simply amazing … this from a Gary Moore, SRV, Clapton type of fan.

  5. I love when she sing acoustically and live. She has a tremendous voice and
    talent. thanks Gaga

  6. Is she like Liza Minnelli? Well, a modern one. They certainly look like. I
    would love to hear Gaga sing “New York, New York”. There’s also a little
    bit of Amy Winehouse. Though Gaga is not just a performer, and because of
    it she has much more responsibility than those two.

  7. Look at me! I’m fuckin weirs just for the attention!! Don’t get me wrong I
    love alternative girls but only if they are being themselves…

  8. Wow when I saw some of you haters I got diarrhea from that because you’re
    ugly as fuck .please shoot yourself before calling some pretty woman ugly
    because she isn’t ugly for real

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