1. As cheesy as it sounds, The Fame era will always have a special place in my

  2. most women’s voices usually mature at 25, so here here voice was squeaky
    and cute. now since shes 27 you can hear how much her voice has gotten a
    bit deeper, i mean also because of the stress of being a musician!

  3. I hope she does renditions like this with songs on ARTPOP! I miss them
    because they reinvent the song! 🙂

  4. So she actually can sing and play and not just act like an alien slut from
    from the south side of hell.

  5. She was just starting her career but the first 10 seconds of this
    performance was already enough to show how she wasn’t going to be just
    another new artist. She’s so talented and she’s also such a kind person.
    She really deserves everything she’s reached so far and much more!!

  6. cnt believe this is live.. n she was so much beautiful back then. she’s
    still amazing performer but she was even greater bak then.

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