1. 0:36 – It sounds more like she’s saying “I’ll get him HARD. Show him what
    I GUARD.” I think that also fits the song’s theme of hiding (guarding) her
    If that’s not intentional, then it’s an awfully peculiar way of pronouncing
    ‘hot’ and ‘got.’
    However, subtly slipping in a polysemantic line (like the “f**k her
    face” one) seems to make a lot more sense, as opposed to it merely
    being stylized pronunciations.

  2. Love this song and u did a great job on the video! ^_^ Btw, can u comment
    the link to the rainbow pic please. :-)

  3. This is a great song. Old though. I wish some pop singers would stop
    revolving about being dirty and base it upon a good song. I like songs like

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