1. I want Lady Gaga to do a whole album singing old time tunes..her voice
    reminds me of singers back in those days i would love to her sing Etta
    James(At last)..Rosemary Clooney (Sway)..Julie London(Cry me a river) to
    name just a few.

  2. wow that was amazing this version is perfect for a musical. At least I felt
    like I was in one. Really good!

  3. I love when people say she can’t sing. Like did you not just fucking hear
    this. I swear some people need a fucking hearing aid.

  4. Extremely dodgy lyrics – like so many of hers. Such a shame – that’s not
    ‘living on the edge’ – it’s just unecessary. The voice is of course
    unbelievable and ‘carries the day’ – it’s so powerful, – but this doesn’t
    work on piano at all.

  5. Wow! I don’t really listen much to Lady Gaga. Didn’t know she have very
    powerful vocals! And she plays the piano too! Respect for Gaga now.

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