1. You can like her or not (that’s freedom), but something is sure: LG is a
    singer and a musician and knows music. Well: Katy Perry is cute and
    probably she’s really a nice person, “Unconditionally” is a beautiful song,
    but… differences are obvious. Germanotta can sing and perform; Hudson is
    just a character creted to sell records and inspire wanks. 

  2. If she didn’t play at being the controversy queen she’d have half the
    planet’s hearts!!

  3. She’s amazing, she’s a real musician. No one can blame her just for her
    weird costumes and actings.

  4. my piano teacher showed me this version a few years ago, her acoustic
    versions made me fall in love with her lyrics and voice <3 superb

  5. I’m marvelous! So marvelous! <3 love you Gaga and whoever uploaded this 🙂

  6. Lady GaGa shocks people with her outfits and they talk about her. She
    couldn’t careless what she looks like. She’s an amazing singer and person.
    She’s great.

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