1. Get Rich Slowly by William Spitz. It was the most influential book to him
    in business/investing. Not his favorite, sorry. Still love the green hat.

  2. What was Dans favourite book? I watched this whole interview before reading
    the comments and must’ve missed it.

  3. I love the green hat. This is one of the best interviews ever because he
    mentioned his favorite book. I think I may read it now. Autistic people are
    responsible for many great innovations in this world.

  4. You’re a losing player, not your a losing player. I just wanted you to know
    that you’re=you are retarded.

  5. No argument though, I nailed it. And you mustn’t be that clever yourself,
    spelling you’re your is not in the diagnosis of mental retardation. Though,
    jumping on spelling mistakes online to feel better about being a fucking
    loser and finding boring old men in silly green hats talking about how much
    they like explosions or who their favourite writer is as “intellectual” ,
    that maybe slips into mild autism, if not total faggotry at the very least.

  6. And you would be the type of peron who will jump on a comment that is
    months old to call out a spelling mistake? I don’t think you qualify to
    talk about pathetic. And to defend some boring old man? ,even more
    pathetic. And my intellect is quite good enough to know your a losing
    player. Only a losing player, desperate to learn how to win would be here,
    and feel the need to validate being here by defending this guy and ego
    boosting from making a lame spelling police attack. Go and kill yourself.

  7. You seem retarded so that’s probably why Dan is boring to you. Retards
    usually find intelligent people boring because they cannot comprehend their
    intellect. It’s you’re going, not your going. You must be a pathetic human

  8. Not a very good gambler then are you. Your going to go through years old
    comments of some interview with some dull as dishwater poker player, and
    feel the need to jump to his defence. What an absolute loser/homo.

  9. Love action dan! His books are awesome.. Have respect for the man why ask
    him these stupid questions.

  10. so u got to interview one of the greatest poker players of all time yet you
    only have 133 subscribers?

  11. the interviewer didnt do a good job. He worded the who would you rather
    questions so badly that Dan interpreted it as who would I rather have
    playing for me in a poker match, whereas the interviewer wanted to ask who
    would you rather play against in a poker match, and the interviewer didn’t
    even pick up on this miscommunication or try to clarify matters.
    Regardless, Dan is so smart, he was a master chess player, world class
    backgammon player, and of course poker legend. GO DAN!!!!

  12. Man, that was tough to watch. What a gentleman to sit through those
    insufferable questions!

  13. @gaud123 I thoroughly agree with you gaud123. I would’ve been picking this
    guys brain with questions related to the game, not wasting my time with
    things I’d be asking Jennifer Tilly.

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