1. You did not mention keeping a poker log. After a year of keeping a log i
    won two live tourney’s. One at Rio and one at Borgata. Total score $15,500.
    The log keeps you real about your results and i d’s holes you can fill with
    books, videos or practice.

  2. A flight ticket to vegas is over $1500 from where I live. Too expensive. Im
    a low stakes player.

  3. Highly practical and awesome tips! Going to play tomorrow @ The Card Player
    in OK. The buy-in is 300+40. Thnx for the awesome tips and il keep u posted
    as to my results -peace

  4. sup evan ive played poker for the last year or so..but it wasnt till a
    couple of weeks ago that ive been really taking it serious and studying
    hard..i just finish reading a beginners strategy(FLHM) in a book im
    reading..and started practicing it.but now that u said theres more dead
    money in tournaments..i would like to study your MTT TOURNAMENT STRATEGY
    for live tournaments (i know nothing about MTTS)..would it be a bad move to
    study your mtt strategy while practicing the beginners strategy??.

  5. ~10:50 “incantations” are more like a magic spells. I believe the word your
    looking for is “affirmations”.

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