1. I went to spectate a mountain climb tri-athalon in Seward, Alaska the day
    you uploaded this, Garrett. My aunt got married a few weeks before you
    uploaded this. My brother’s birthday was eight days away.

  2. it’s a pattern! two pair three of a kind straight flush and full house for
    luigi no good all in failed by waluigis four of a kind and wario vs mario
    they’re angry bing for mario dong for wario mario wins with royal flush and
    wario fails by straight flush and why there are no pairs or high card?

  3. Mario Has 500 Smackers? I will hide under his bed and wait then kill him in
    sleep he is worth 20,000 Smackers because of his insurance

  4. i will have to say that this is some great animation you know what this vid
    deserves to get liked im gona like it.

  5. Hey 1989GameMaster what program do you use to make this because I would
    like to try to use this Thanks

  6. It was fantastic masterpiece, but I found some mistakes. For example at the
    first draw, Waluigi and Mario had the same 10 of Spades. Also at the second
    draw, Mario and Luigi had the same 10 of Spades and Ace of Spades. By the
    way, other than the impossible mistakes, it was fantastic. I’m looking
    forward for the new masterpieces.

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