1. KK, 99, 22, 92, K2, and any two diamonds is what hes behind too. If Moon
    has A diamond 2 then hes still only a 3/2 dog. It was terrible play by
    Kopp and Norman Chad of all people spelled it out. He shouldve protected
    his stack more than trying to get all of Darvin’s in. It was a greedy
    player not being able to see the bigger picture just prior to final tabling
    the Main Event.

  2. Don’t forget 99. But yeah, you’re right. But still, that’s a gutsy call
    with second flush on a paired board imo.

  3. 1. *I 2. *bankroll 3. *can start (“can get start” makes no sense there.) 4.
    *This 5. The last sentence is completely unrelated to the first two (which
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  4. 22 and KK were the only decent hands he was losing to other than a higher
    flush. Heads up that’s not worth worrying about. People make stupid plays
    with inferior hands. You lose more money worrying about your opponents
    holding the nuts than you will just making calls/ raises with strong hands.
    Sometimes you will be beat, but often they will either not have the nuts
    either and back down or be bluffing. Generally often enough to be equitable

  5. Any full house would have been some ragged cards you couldn’t put him on
    and the he had the second best flush.. If your willing to fold that often
    your costing more money than your winning.

  6. No, I don’t play for real money and yes I have to learn a lot. We all have
    to start somewhere.

  7. Wauw, I don’t think I would have called in that spot. Or he did see
    something or he didn’t know any better… Moon hadn’t that much more as
    kopp. But hey.. i’m just an amateur..

  8. The problem is I didn´t look at it from a player´s perspective. They would
    of course not see the others cards and therefore would assume the other
    player could have a full house. Thanks.

  9. Someone could have KK, 99, K2 or 9,2. or 22 for quads and they would have
    been ahead of QJ 🙂

  10. Do NOT play 35 suited UTG!! And do not donate your chips to a donkey. Moon
    played the turn stupidly and then insulted Kopp after he got paid off.
    Kopp, by chance, had one of the very few hands that Moon beats in this

  11. Each chip starts out at face value, and then declines in value as the
    tournament progresses, because various amounts of cash get paid out as the
    tournament progresses.

  12. It’s just a number, it’s not real money. It really winds me up to hear the
    commentators talking about “twenty million dollars in the pot” all the
    time… if I were sitting there with $20m+ in front of me, and I continue
    playing to *possibly* win $8m at the end of it, then I’m stupid! I should
    pick up my chips and walk straight to the cashier 😉

  13. Just chips, but they’re really far into the tournament so getting
    eliminated at this point rather than getting eliminated at the final table
    means you’re winning at least $200,000 less and up to a maximum of about 8

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